Academics by day, bloggers by night.
Coworkers by circumstance, friends by choice.

ABOUT RYANLogoSquare4Realz

RYAN is co-creator of Hubward Ho!. Upon finishing his M.A. at a Midwestern university, Ryan swore he was done with the annual snowmageddons and would find a warmer place to do his Ph.D. He promptly moved farther north instead. Typical Midwesterner.

When not oscillating between snow and coursework, Ryan enjoys normal human activities such as cycling, making guacamole, and considering the likelihood of dragon attacks in his lifetime. One can always hope.

As a child, Ryan read enough to know that things became cold at certain altitudes, but not enough to dissipate his fear that birds on high power lines might freeze to death. Ryan had, and continues to suffer from, an affliction of dinosaur knowledge.

It’s not every day that a single human being has been hit by a squirrel, has accidentally slammed a pencil through one undeserving eyelid, and enjoys heightened night vision, but sometimes you get lucky.


ANNE is also co-creator of Hubward Ho!. She just finished her MA in English and now works at an unnamed writing center somewhere in the Midwest.

ANNE played the violin for 11 years after watching the grasshopper in James and the Giant Peach. She has recently started playing again, albeit poorly and infrequently.

ANNE once stayed awake from a Thursday morning to a Monday evening while working on a present for someone. She has since replaced her ability to pull an all-nighter with forethought and time management.

ANNE recognizes that the westernization of Indian food is problematic, but she has low spice tolerance and an undying love for Chicken Tikka Masala.

ANNE typically doodles manga eyes, cartoon versions of herself, and anatomical representations of the human heart.

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