Podcasting Mort

It’s podcast time again! Better late than never – Anne and I had the lovely opportunity to be in the same place this weekend, which meant attending a Welcome to Nightvale live event may have taken slight precedent over podcasting. Oh, and it’s finals for me. For the last time ever.

Anyway, here we go and sorry for the delay! In this episode, we start the second series of our hubward audio adventure with Mort. Herein you will find observations about the characters, themes, and plot of Pratchett’s fourth Discworld novel, as well as interludes in which we consider the wisdom of eating inedible Christmas ornaments and other dumb things I did as a child.

See our previous post to get up to speed on the book, and read Anne and Ryan’s reactions to the book here and here, respectively.

Enjoy! Let us know what you think about Mort.

Music credits:

Intro tune adapted (shortened) from Podington Bear, “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

Outro tune adapted (shortened) from The Losers, “Marianne.”

Both songs used under Creative Commons license.


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