Introducing Mort


First Published in 1987 • #4 in the series • #1 in the Death story arc


Mort’s father has accepted that his son is not cut out for a farming life. He takes Mort into town to find him an apprenticeship–an opportunity to learn a trade and build a life.

A sort of life, at least. Death, for his own inscrutable reasons, is looking for an apprentice. Mort is learning from the best in the business, but he goes off-script on his first solo reaping with death-changing consequences for one queen and all of reality.



Ryan: I’m ready to read something other than a Rincewind story, but I’m probably more excited to reread a book that I really enjoyed the first time up until the last act. Despite issues I had with it the first time, it has become encased in a warm glow of nostalgia. We’ll see how it holds up on this go-’round.

Anne: I am really excited to move onto our next story arc, and Mort is a great introduction to the world of Death. I’ve read the later Death books more often than Mort, and I’m looking forward to going back to where it all starts. I remember being less interested in Mort as a character–let’s see if I find him more engaging this time around.



“History isn’t like that. History unravels gently, like an old sweater. It has been patched and darned many times, reknitted to suit different people, shoved in a box under the sink of censorship to be cut up for the dusters of propaganda, yet it always–eventually–manages to spring back into its old familiar shape. History has a habit of changing the people who think they are changing it. History always has a few tricks up its frayed sleeve. It’s been around a long time.”


“He felt as if he’d been shipwrecked on the Titanic but in the nick of time had been rescued. By the Lusitania.”


Ryan: After This Book, No Image of Death Will Ever Be Complete Without Kittens
Anne: Least Memorable Member of Royalty


Ryan: “Mort Mort Mort Mort, Keli Keli Keli Keli”: An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Repeating Your Name Loudly and Often at People as a Means of Making Them Remember You, The Jerks
Anne: Mort: On Metaphysical Professional Development

Want to read along? Bring your local librarian a banana and ask him/her/it if Mort is available in your library’s catalog.

Otherwise, go to your favorite Internet Search Machine, type in “MORT” + PLEASE HELP BUY” and go from there.

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