Farewell, Rincewind! Looking Back at the Wizards’ Story Arc

Well, dear friends, here at last in the great library of Unseen University, Ankh-Morpork, comes the end of our journey with Rincewind. Contained herein you will find a retrospective look at the Wizards’ arc as a whole, including what we loved and what we didn’t.

Join us in bidding farewell to the keepers of magic and their journeys, but be not sad—the journey continues. We’ll be sharing some thoughts about the movie adaptation of The Color of Magic/The Light Fantastic next Friday, and then we continue hubward with Death, Susan, kittens, Mort, Ysabel, kittens, themes of justice and mercy, kittens, and kittens. It only gets better from here.

(Note: Contained herein you will not find: all the times we failed to correctly pronounce Incwijnd. Rinthwinge. Rinchwich. Rincewind. We cut those.)

Music credits, with thanks as always:

Intro tune adapted (shortened) from Podington Bear, “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

Outro tune adapted (shortened) from The Losers, “Marianne.”

Both songs used under Creative Commons license.

Hubward Ho!

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