Hey, where did everybody go?

For anyone tracking our whereabouts or wondering about the ongoing saga of the Unseen Academicals, we transferred our blog to a new host this week. Most of the bits are back in place except for that one bit that never goes back in properly. We’ll resume your regular cavalcade of blogging and podcast on Tuesday, when I’ll post my reader response for Unseen Academicals, and on Friday, when Anne will post the podcast.

And then, well, then it’s off to the races! We’ll wrap up our Wizards arc, watch the gorram movie, and then bid farewell to our dear friend Rincewind. Which means that we’ll be kicking off the Death arc with Mort in a couple weeks.

So, what if you don’t know any Discworld? 


Do you know some of the books but not many?


Can you defeat Jenny Greenteeth in your sleep and recite the badge number of His Grace, His Excellency, The Duke of Ankh, Commander Sir Samuel Vimes backward?


We hope you join in — Hubward Ho!

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