Podcasting Interesting Times

It’s podcast time again! In this episode, we explore issues of revolution and civilization with our heroic guide, Rincewind the Great Wizzard. Join us! See our previous post to get up to speed on the book, and read Anne and Ryan’s reactions to the book here and here, respectively.

As always, this is a young project. We’re working out the audio kinks. In human terms, it still mumbles something incoherent under its breath when its parents ask it, “What did you do at school today?” But fear not, brave traveler! Production value will be going up quite a bit in the immediate future.

Music credits:

Intro tune adapted (shortened) from Podington Bear, “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

Outro tune adapted (shortened) from The Losers, “Marianne.”

Both songs used under Creative Commons license.

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