Introducting (Faust) Eric

(Faust) Eric

First Published in 1990 as an illustrated novel • #9 in the series • #4 in the Wizards story arc


Eric tells the story of, well, Eric: acne-ridden teenager and demonologist of questionable merit. A pubescent Faust, all Eric wants are three simple wishes: to rule the Disc, to meet the most beautiful woman in the world, and to live forever. Unfortunately for Eric, it is not a powerful demon that he calls forth from Hell but Rincewind the wizard, who is forced to execute Eric’s wishes to the letter, if not the spirit. Dogged by the Demon King Astfgl, the two traverse the Disc through time and space, encountering strange cultures, living legends, and the birth of the universe.


Anne: I read Eric once when I was in high school before I had any idea of who Faust was. I remember reading through it in mild confusion, and I was left with the overall impression that it was a weird little book. I’m excited to be reading it again for the project—in addition to being more versed in Germanic folklore, I’ve seen from our previous books that the Wizards story arc holds more for me now than it did 10 years ago.

Ryan: I have never read Eric. I’m definitely intrigued by the title, with its strikethrough of Faust, which leaves me hopeful that this book will do some interesting things in its relatively slim page count. My reaction to the wizards thus far has been somewhat mixed, so we’ll see how I fare with Eric.



“There’s a door.”
“Where does it go?”
“It stays where it is, I think.”


“Nightmares are usually rather daft things and it’s very hard to explain to a listener what was so dreadful about your socks coming alive or giant carrots jumping out of the hedgerows.”


Anne: Most References to Demons to Fewest References of Religion
Ryan: Most Important Use of an Egg and Cress Sandwich Ever


Anne: Eric: A Case Study of the Inherent Inhumanity of Corporate Policies
Ryan: Eric:  Experimental Procedures for Universe Sub-creation: A Thesis

Want to read along? Bring your local librarian a banana and ask him/her/it if Eric is available in your library’s catalog.

Otherwise, go to your favorite Internet Search Machine, type in “ERIC+ PLEASE HELP BUY” and go from there.

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