Introducing Sourcery


First Published in 1988  •      #5 in the series      •      #3 in the Wizards story arc


In Sourcery, the wizards of Unseen University are confronted with magic even greater than their own in the form of Coin, a young boy who just happens to be the eighth son of an eighth son—a sourceror. Every wizard dreams of power, but Rincewind is the world’s worst wizard and can’t be bothered. It’s too bad, then, that he is chosen by the Archchancellor’s sentient hat to protect the Disc from the dangers of sourcery. Rincewind is joined by two barbarians, one skilled but reluctant, the other enthusiastic but hopeless. Together they are all that stand in the way of ice giants, the four horsemen, and Coin’s powerful staff.



Ryan: I have absolutely no foreknowledge of this book, except that because it’s part of the Wizard’s line, it will probably involve Rincewind. And a sorcerer? Something about source-code? I’m beginning to enjoy this story arc a bit more, even though I do have some reservations. More than anything, I’m curious to see what new piece of the universe falls into place in this book: what will Pratchett give us that we haven’t seen prior? What part of the history or mythos will be sketched out? Will we reunite with Twoflower, Cohen, or Bethan? Inquiring minds…

Anne: After warming up to Rincewind in The Light Fantastic, I’m quite looking forward to Sourcery. It will be interesting to see what Rincewind gets up to without Twoflower around to drag him into the plot, and from the title, it seems like we’re going to see a bit more magic than one normally does hanging around Rincewind…



“In the bathtub of history the truth is harder to hold than the soap, and much more difficult to find…”


” ‘Who are we to turn him away, into the, um, wintry blast, shunning his–‘

The oration was interrupted by Gravie blowing his nose.

‘It’s not winter,’ said one of the wizards flatly, ‘and it’s quite a warm night.’

‘Out into the treacherously changeable spring weather,‘ snarled Spelter”


Ryan: And the Winner of Best One-Off Character Name goes to Virrid Wayzygoose!
Anne: Miskin Koble, the Disc’s Shortest-Sighted Fishmonger


Ryan: Alternative Methods for Destroying the Universe: A Response to The Light Fantastic

Anne: Sourcery: A Treatise on Spontaneous Architecture

Want to read along? Bring your local librarian a banana and ask him/her/it if Sourcery is available in your library’s catalog.

Otherwise, go to your favorite Internet Search Machine, type in “SOURCERY + PLEASE HELP BUY” and go from there.

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