Introducing The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic

First Published in 1986  •  #2 in the series • #2 in the Wizards story arc


The Light Fantastic continues the story of Rincewind, a cowardly wizard, and Twoflower, the Disc’s first tourist. The hapless pair are joined on their journey by a geriatric barbarian, an ex-sacrificial maiden, and the indomitable Luggage. Whereas The Colour of Magic put our protagonists through a quartet of only loosely connected stories, the plot and stakes are more complicated in The Light Fantastic. Traveling under the light of a sinister red star,  Rincewind struggles against a powerful spell inhabiting his mind, and he and his companions are drawn toward confrontation with a power-hungry wizard. This book marks the first time the Disc is threatened by forces from the neighboring dungeon dimensions. It won’t be the last.

The Light Fantastic Introduction Picture


Anne: This is my first time reading The Light Fantastic, and I am, at the very lea
st, interested to see how Rincewind and Twoflower come back from over the edge of the Disc. Like most main-character-related cliff hangers, and also because it’s Rincewind, I have no doubt our travelers will escape unharmed—the fun is in how it happens. How about you, Ryan?

Ryan: The Color of Magic proved to be a big jump for me from my experience with the later books, so I’m curious to see how this earlier Discworld works once you add a plot to it. And for all of my gripes about the last book, the pure joy of discovering the world, particular its reinterpretation of high fantasy, has been fun. Will Rincewind grow as a character? I’m curious to see what happens as his journey continues.



“Space is not really big, it is simply somewhere to be big in. Planets are big, but planets are meant to be big and there is nothing clever about being the right size.”


“Rincewind stared, and knew that there were far worse things than Evil.  All the demons of Hell would torture your very soul, but that was precisely because they valued souls very highly; evil would always try to steal the universe, but at least it considered the universe worth stealing. But the grey world behind those empty eyes would trample and destroy without even according its victims the dignity of hatred.  It wouldn’t even notice them.”


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Want to read along? Bring your local librarian a banana and ask him/her/it if The Light Fantastic is available in your library’s catalog.

Otherwise, go to your favorite Internet Search Machine, type in “THE LIGHT FANTASTIC + PLEASE HELP BUY” and go from there.

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